Case Study

Samsung Logo
The Challenge

As a major consumer electronic company, Samsung is continuing it’s reign of successful Galaxy Note smartphone line. But how could it showcase its newest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and emphasize on “Mobility for Productive People”?

Our Idea

Using video storytelling and engaging articles, a branded content partnership covering the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 5 intersected with one of that audience’s trending interest: relationship.

The Insight

We understand our audience and how they engage with us, meaning we know where their overlapping interests lie. So how could we use this insight to effectively target our readers who are productive and mobile?

What We Did

We produced a bespoke video and crafted series of articles about relationship and drive our readers to their company website.

The Result

We capitalize on the trend of the rising relationship story and the partnerships resulted in a highly relevant viral content for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


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